About the Friends

The Friends of Long Meg (FoLM) is an independent organisation for people with an interest in Long Meg and kindred sites. Membership is open to anyone and is free of charge. The group was set up in 2023 by the Fellfoot Forward project, managed by the North Pennines AONB Partnership and largely funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF), in response to requests from members of the local community. The group is completely independent and is overseen on a voluntary basis by a small Management Team.

By joining FoLM, you will be demonstrating your concern for the long-term conservation of Long Meg and her Daughters, and also your support for future archaeological research. It is expected that the group will collaborate with various partners, such as universities and archaeologists, and being able to demonstrate the support of a large number of Friends could be crucial to obtaining funding for exciting programmes of future research. As a Friend, you will also have opportunities to play an active role in such research.

There is huge public interest in Long Meg, especially amongst local people. (Photo: Fiona Knox)

Exactly how the group develops in future will be up to its members. It is anticipated that it will host various on-line events and organise occasional field visits and conferences. While its main focus will be Long Meg, it will also link with other sites in the Eden Valley and further afield.

Whenever there is news about Long Meg or other local Neolithic sites, it will be circulated to Friends by email, and relevant information will be posted on this website.

While we expect most Friends to be local residents, we also hope to attract others from around the world. The more Friends we have, the greater will be our chances of securing funding and legal consent for future research. You can register as a Friend by using a simple online form, available here soon. If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE JOIN US!