If visiting Long Meg, please do not drive into the stone circle itself, where there is nowhere to park or turn around. Please use the designated car park (see map) which is located just a few minutes’ walk from the site. (Parking on site is restricted to two places, reserved for disabled drivers. If you are driving and have a disabled person with you, but are not yourself disabled, please drop them off at the stones and drive your vehicle to the car park, returning to collect them later).

Please respect the fact that the site lies in a pasture field and is often occupied by cattle. Public access is subject to the goodwill of the landowners and tenants; please repay this goodwill by behaving appropriately.

When exploring the site, please do not stray outside the stone circle field, other than on public rights of way. Please observe the countryside code at all times.

If you have a dog with you, do not allow it to disturb livestock, and please clean up after it (dog faeces can contain parasites which cause serious disease and abortion in cattle, so please take it away with you and dispose of it appropriately).

Please do not light any fires at the site, either for bbqs or for any other reason.

Please also note that the site is legally protected as a Scheduled Monument (indeed, it was amongst the very first batch of sites thus designated, back in 1882). It is an offence to damage it in any way, so please avoid doing anything that could disturb any of the stones or the ground surface, and do not under any circumstances use a metal detector. Potential penalties for breaking scheduled monument legislation include an unlimited fine and/or up to two years in prison.