Marc Johnstone

Marc & family visiting Long Meg and her Daughters in 2016

Marc is an archaeologist with over 20 years of experience, working on sites of all periods in the north-east of England and beyond. He studied for degrees in archaeology (including Social Prehistory under Dr. Jan Harding) and archaeological-computing, at Newcastle University in the late 1990s-early 2000s. Marc became a computing officer at Newcastle University, before establishing a heritage interpretation company, using technical innovation to assist on high-profile research projects. This culminated in winning the British Archaeological Award for the ‘Northumberland Rock Art project, access to the Beckensall archives’ – a subject that has fascinated Marc ever since.

Now at the Archaeological Practice, a field-unit established by Newcastle University, Marc is responsible for all IT related issues, including technical drawing, GIS mapping, 3D modelling and other illustration work, along with desktop publishing and design, developing project websites, YouTube channels and social media accounts. He also runs the company computing network.

In addition to his computing skills, Marc is an enthusiastic communicator of regional history and archaeology, having presented numerous podcasts and helping to run many community-based heritage projects and workshops, including the recent series of Hadrian’s Wall village atlases (Newcastle University WallCap). Marc loves all types of archaeological fieldwork, helping with both commercial and research excavations, conducting historical research and producing associated reports.

In his spare time, Marc enjoys visiting prehistoric monuments and sacred sites, especially in rural Northumberland, Scotland, and his native Cumbria. He is co-founder of the Northumbrian Gorsedd, a community group that host open seasonal gatherings at Dilston Physic Garden, near Corbridge, where they celebrate the Celtic wheel of the year, learn natural philosophy, and perform the traditional bardic arts of storytelling, music and drama.

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